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Tick/Time Series database

TimeScape EDM+ contains a powerful database engine (TimeScape XDB) for managing vast quantities of time series data.

This data can be anything from simple numerical data (e.g. daily closing prices or rates) and intraday (tick-by-tick) data, to more complex data that may or may not have a time dimension such as dividend projections, instrument relationships, index/basket/portfolio compositions, curve compositions, volatility surfaces and swaption cubes.

Unlike many other time series database systems, TimeScape EDM+ manages these types of data within one consistent and highly efficient database system that is scalable and easily customised to meet the ever increasing demands of the business.

In addition, it makes this data easily accessible to end-users, developers and systems alike via its powerful business orientated analysis language called TimeScape QL+.

This simple to use language has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between business users and technologists, without compromising performance. It allows highly sophisticated analysis to be constructed and utilised from the user's environment of choice, whether that is Microsoft Excel, a TimeScape application or one that an organisation has built themselves using the TimeScape development toolkits.

In particular, TimeScape EDM+:

  • Comes with a user-orientated set of desktop tools for interacting with, visualising and analysing the data stored within it
  • Supports a wide variety of data types (including numbers, date-times, logical, text, lists, matrices, references, formulae, spreadsheet inside, binary objects)
  • Supports static, semi-static (weekly, monthly), daily and tick data frequencies
  • Has a very flexible data model that co-supports multiple instrument identifier systems (Reuters, Bloomberg, ISIN, Internal security systems etc.) as well as side-by-side support for multiple sources of data (Reuters, Bloomberg etc.)
  • Includes a sophisticated security model that allows data access to be controlled down to a particular instrument attribute level (for example, limiting write access to US Equity Closing prices)
  • Is supported either in a proprietary format or as part of SQL Server 2005/8
  • Is highly scalable, with benchmarks having been completed recently on a 12Tb database containing over 750 billion ticks of data with no noticeable loss in performance

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