Security Master

TimeScape provides all the tools you need to manage a centralised, audited data warehouse for all data relating to financial instruments.

It provides out of the box support for any kind of data you may need to store, including terms & conditions, pricing, rates, curves, time series, surfaces and custom/OTC attributes.

Unlike many competing products, TimeScape has been designed from the outset to support the concept of change, making it easy for organisations to customise the data model without needing a programming resource.

Xenomorph delivers the empowering technology being demanded by organisations wishing to create a Security Master database across a multitude of assets classes and locales.

In particular it:

  • Can support any type of instrument or data set you are ever likely to need to store
  • Supports over 100 asset classes as standard
  • Integrates with most standard data feeds and data vendors, but can easily interface with new or proprietary ones
  • Can support unlimited security identification systems (Reuters, Bloomberg, ISIN etc.) and data vendors side-by-side
  • Can be easily customised by business and technology users alike to add new asset types whenever the business demands it
  • Has a sophisticated set of workflow tools for capturing, transforming, validating and publishing data from data vendors and proprietary sources
  • Allows all styles of security data (static, semi-static, time series, relationships) to be stored in a single repository without loss of flexibility or performance
  • Has a powerful set of end-user tools for viewing, analysing and saving data
  • Is highly scalable, exhibiting predictable and consistent data performance with data growth
  • Has been benchmarked to over 12Tb of data with no noticeable loss in performance (for example, 750 billion ticks of data in this case)

Email us for more information about how TimeScape can be used to support the Security Master project within your organisation.

If you know someone who might be interested in what TimeScape can offer, forward a link to this page.

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