Prices/Rates/Curves Management

TimeScape provides powerful tools for managing rates, curves and surfaces ranging from real-time capture of data from a data feed to instantaneous publication of a validated curve or surface to end-users.

TimeScape’s support for these business objects is fully historic in nature, allowing any business object (a curve or surface for example) to be reconstructed and recalculated at any point in time.

In particular, TimeScape allows you to:

  • Visualise and manage business objects using the curve and surface management tools and analytics that are provided as standard with the system
  • Capture data from any connected data or data feed and utilise that data within any custom curve or business object you create
  • Perform sophisticated data validation on business objects (curves, surfaces etc) or their underlying component data (rates, prices etc)
  • Easily chain calculations together, for example combining curves with time series analysis to look at the statistical behaviour of a curve or its component points
  • Perform sophisticated time-dependent analytics on your business objects, automatically reconstructing the objects as they were at each point in time
  • Integrate or create your own analytics if required

Email us to request more information about how TimeScape can help with rates, curves and surface management in your organisation.

If you know someone who might be interested in what TimeScape can offer, forward a link to this page.

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