Data Integration/Capture

TimeScape provides a sophisticated set of data management tools for collecting and normalising data from data vendors either in real-time or in bulk.

In particular, TimeScape:

  • Integrates with most standard data feeds and data vendors, but can easily interface with new or proprietary ones
  • Can support unlimited security identification systems (Reuters, Bloomberg, ISIN etc) and data vendors side-by-side
  • Allows rates/prices to be captured from any configured data feed in real-time (e.g. Reuters, Bloomberg) or via a bulk download or import
  • Supports data capture on a scheduled snapshot (fixed times, regular interval) or tick-by-tick basis
  • Supports page parsing and storage (including whole pages if required)
  • Enables any type of data that is available from within a data feed, or external source, to be captured and stored in a consistent manner (rates, prices, terms & conditions, index compositions, option chains, relationships etc)
  • Provides a set of standard connectors to data feeds and data vendors, including (but not limited to):
    • Reuters
    • Bloomberg
    • Markit
    • Optionmetrics
    • Proprietary file formats
  • Can be easily extended to support other data vendors (proprietary or otherwise) as required

Email us to request more information about how TimeScape Data Integration can help your organisation.

If you know someone who might be interested in what TimeScape can offer, forward a link to this page.

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