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Data Distribution

TimeScape EDM+ provides the essential system tools for managing the extraction of data and publishing that data to downstream systems or users as needed.

Data can be any form of information that is accessible or stored through TimeScape EDM+, including raw (captured) data, cleansed data or data generated as a result of some form of analytical query such as a time series analysis, a VaR calculation or a portfolio re-pricing.

In addition to standard interfaces to message buses, files or data providers, TimeScape also provides powerful tools that allow end-users to access the same centralised, validated master data within applications that are familiar to them, such as Microsoft Excel and MATLAB.

This is in line with TimeScape’s overall philosophy to empower organisations to do more with their data, faster.

In particular, TimeScape EDM+ Data Distribution:

  • Provides sophisticated tools that allow systems and users to access data how and where they wish to
  • Provides standard interfaces for publishing data onto message buses such as Reuters RMDS
  • Provides standard interfaces for publishing and transforming data in custom file formats, to allow integration with internal systems and packages
  • Allows analytical data to be generated and published alongside raw data using TimeScape’s business analysis language QL+
  • Provides monitoring and workflow tools to manage data distribution processes
  • Is supported by a rich toolset, including a powerful set of end-user Excel add-ins that allow users to leverage controlled data in their workbooks
  • Is accessible via a wide set of developer programming languages, including .NET, COM, C/C++, Java, Excel, R, Python and F#
  • Is available to web or intranet-based applications via TimeScape Web Services and TimeScape OData

Email us to request more information about how TimeScape EDM+ Data Distribution technology can help your organisation manage its data, faster, better.

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