Data Management

Improve control and reduce data costs

Centralised data management is key to an organisation’s success. Traditionally, data has been managed on an organic, departmental basis often leading to isolated data silos and spiralling costs from data vendors.

Manage and share consistent data across the enterprise

Xenomorph provides the tools to empower organisations to take control of their data, to integrate disparate sources and feeds and to present them in a unified manner across the enterprise to systems and end-users alike.

Implement changes quickly and keep an audit trail

Xenomorph’s unique data model means that new instrument structures can be implemented quickly and centrally in days, as opposed to months or years, keeping both the business and regulators happy and allowing I.T. to focus attention on adding value above and beyond traditional business expectation.

Xenomorph achieves this through its state of the art product TimeScape, which provides data management to organisations in the following business critical roles:

  • Security Master – central, audited data warehousing for all data relating to financial instruments including terms & conditions, pricing, rates, curves, time series, surfaces and custom/OTC attributes. Designed for easy customisation to meet increasingly sophisticated business needs.
  • Data Integration / Capture – user-friendly data management tools for collecting and normalising data from data vendors either in real-time or in bulk (rates, prices, broker pages etc).
  • Tick / Time Series database – a powerful database engine for managing vast quantities of time series data (daily, tick-by-tick, slow changing) for any kind of data (rates, prices, curves, surfaces, dividend schedules, index compositions, baskets etc).
  • Data Distribution – essential system tools for data/analytic extraction and publication to downstream systems and users via message buses, files or data connections.
  • Prices/Rates/Curves – powerful, customisable support for rates, curves and surfaces ranging from real-time capture of data from a data feed to instantaneous publication of a validated curve or surface to end-users. Fully historic in nature, allowing curves to be reconstructed and recalculated at any point in time as needed.
  • Data Validation - Covering all types of data the TimeScape Data Validation Dashboard enables users to define universes, set up tests and test parameters, run tests to produce exceptions, and correct the exceptions with relevant audit notation.

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