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Spreadsheet Calculation Management

Regulations such as BCBS 239 are mandated that manual processes (often involving spreadsheets and tactical databases) should be at the very least controlled if not removed from an institution’s reporting processes. TimeScape EDM+ provides the tools to overcome these challenges by centralising end-user calculations in a controlled manner without sacrificing flexibility.

For example, one of Xenomorph’s clients originally had 50 Microsoft Excel workbooks being used to perform complex curve and spread curve calculations. These workbooks were an obvious source of operational risk to the organisation and an irritation to the regulator. The unique technology present in TimeScape EDM+ was able to replace these workbooks with one single centralised calculation that not only provided greater control and performance compared to the Excel solution, but also opened the way for far more sophisticated analysis than was ever imagined before.

In summary TimeScape EDM+ Spreadsheet Calculation Management:

  • Provides a standard framework for integrating data and calculation models together, no matter how complex
  • Allows organisations to centralise control of their analytics and only expose them to selected users
  • Has been designed for speed and agility from the ground up
  • Provides powerful technology for easily defining and managing spreadsheet-like calculations via Spreadsheet Inside technology – this technology empowers organisations to define sophisticated spreadsheet-like analysis within the controlled environment of a database management system
  • Can harness the full power of TimeScape EDM+ query and analytics engine
  • Allows complex time series analysis to be easily defined within single cells
  • Can integrate with other spreadsheet management systems such as Microsoft Power View
  • Can utilise any analytics or business objects that are registered with the system
  • Can be easily accessed or extended by developers as required

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