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TimeScape EDM+ provides data and analytics management solutions for:

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Derivatives / Product Valuation Management

TimeScape EDM+ Pricing Services provides the necessary data management and analytics integration tools for structuring vanilla or OTC products and a powerful framework for re-pricing them no matter how sophisticated they may be.

These tools are fully customisable to suit your organisation’s needs, allowing you to integrate new products and models easily and consistently.

In particular, TimeScape EDM+ Pricing Services :

  • Supports many different instrument types / asset classes as standard (over 100) including fixed income bonds, convertible bonds, FRN, FRAs, futures, forwards, options, swaptions, inflation curves and many others
  • Provides an extensive set of tools for revaluing instruments from within Microsoft Excel, including what-if scenarios
  • Allows instruments and yield curves to be reconstructed at any point in time, for example for use in historical re-pricing
  • Has an extensive programming toolkit that allows developers to harness the power of TimeScape Pricing Services from within their own applications
  • Can be easily customised to support new classes of instruments
  • Comes with a standard set of TimeScape models for re-pricing most types of instrument
  • Can be extended to work with standard model vendor libraries (e.g. Numerix, FinCAD) or an organisation’s proprietary models as needed

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