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TimeScape EDM+ provides data and analytics management solutions for:

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Data Analysis/Decision Support

TimeScape EDM+ provides lightning-fast data analysis and end-user tools for exploring vast quantities of historic data (of any type) wherever and however you want to use them.

This is achieved by combining Xenomorph’s expertise in data modelling with TimeScape QL+, a business analysis language designed specifically to make it easy to define calculations and explore time series / complex data.

Organisations that have moved to TimeScape have observed orders of magnitude improvements in calculation times required for key business processes (for example VaR calculations reduced from 12 hours to 1 hour) when compared to the approaches they were taking before.

Xenomorph are committed to empowering our clients with the tools they need to harness and use data, easier and faster.

In particular, TimeScape EDM+ Data Analysis:

  • Is available from within standard applications provided with the product (such as TimeScape Workbench) as well as through Excel, the Web or even your own custom applications
  • Supports an easy-to-use business analysis language (TimeScape QL+) that has been specifically and uniquely designed to allow business users and technologists to harness the full power of TimeScape analytics
  • Includes sophisticated time series and business object analysis (curves, surfaces etc) as standard
  • Has hundreds of built-in analytical functions as standard (volatility, correlation, percentile movements, periodic analysis, correlation matrices etc)
  • Allows custom indices, baskets or portfolios to be easily constructed and analysed through time (including baskets of baskets that change composition through time)
  • Allows you to visually design centralised formulae that can then be applied to all instruments of a given type
  • Integrates with other analysis packages and interfaces such Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, R, Python and F#
  • Is not a closed box, allowing you to add your own proprietary analysis including unique, one-click support for models that have been developed originally for sole use in Microsoft Excel (XLLs)

Email us for more information about how TimeScape EDM+ Data Analysis can allow you to do more, faster, with your data and analytics.

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