Analytics Management

Maintain agility and control

Organisations are under increasing pressure to respond quickly to regulation, yet still wish to remain agile when it comes to reacting to important business needs.

Manage analytics in the same way as data

In addition to having a powerful data model, it is essential that the business controls and audits analytics in the same way as data.

TimeScape provides a complete data and analytics solution

TimeScape has been architected from the ground up to manage and control data and analytics.

It provides powerful statistical analytics and business objects coupled with a centralised analytical framework that arms organisations with the tools necessary to deliver value quickly to the business without sacrificing control or agility.

Xenomorph achieves this through its state of the art product TimeScape, which provides analytic management to organisations in the following important business areas:

  • Data Analysis/Decision Support – lightning-fast data analysis and end-user tools for exploring vast quantities of historic data (of any type) wherever and however you want to use them (Excel, Web, within your own application). In addition, to the hundreds of built-in analytical functions that come as standard, TimeScape also allows you to add your own proprietary analysis including unique, one-click support for models developed for use in Microsoft Excel (XLLs).
  • Derivatives/Product Valuation Management – TimeScape’s Pricing Services provides the necessary tools for structuring vanilla or OTC products and a powerful framework for re-pricing them no matter how sophisticated they may be.
  • Analytics and Model Centralisation – spreadsheets and analytics are the Regulator’s nightmare. TimeScape provides the tools to overcome these challenges by centralising calculations in a controlled manner without sacrificing flexibility.

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