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TimeScape EDM+ The foundation for your decisions
TimeScape EDM+ manages the complete lifecycle of data from acquisition and storage, to validation, analysis and distribution to downstream systems.

It centralizes the management of front, middle and back-office data and provides validated, high quality datasets for use in operations, risk management, regulatory reporting and decision support.

TimeScape EDM+ Architecture Available on-premise and as a cloud service TimeScape EDM+ provides a centralized, consistent and auditable framework for the management and analysis of all data types, enabling reduced costs and increased data quality across the organization.

The TimeScape Data Validation Portal offers a data validation and cleansing system out of the box. It fully automates the end to end process and only requires manual operation for those exceptions that cannot be managed automatically. Manual exception management is achieved via a series of simple, graphical, thin-client screens.

TimeScape EDM+ ensures that all data changes as well as process actions are fully audited so that data provenance (data lineage) is guaranteed for both raw as well as calculated derived data.

Uniquely, TimeScape EDM+ tracks all dependencies of interlinked data making sure that data only gets promoted to gold status when the full dependency tree is satisfied. This behaviour ensures that no dependencies are missed and hence everything is calculated in the correct order.

Integrated analytics and in-built data and system connectors complete a feature set that makes TimeScape EDM+ the most comprehensive EDM solution in the market.


  • Rapid Implementation
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence
  • Consistent Data
  • Increased Regulatory Compliance
  • Agile Technology
  • Reduced Costs


TimeScape EDM+ provides a centralized, fully audited framework to manage risk data. Its cleansing, validation and audit functions ensure data is complete and accurate for business strategy or compliance, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing the probability of losses, enhancing strategic decision-making, and ultimately increasing profitability for the organization.

Risk Data Aggregation and Analysis

Due to the asset class coverage, analytics and data management inherent in the system, and the comprehensive data type coverage, TimeScape EDM+ enables a complete overview of risk and exposure.
Centralized, cleansed and validated data ensure consistent decisions based on complete, accurate and comprehensive data sets.

Data Validation

Data for any asset class can be automatically cleansed and validated and exceptions remediated using out-of-the-box and extensible rules. This includes instrument, curve, surface and cube validations.
Workflows can be configured to manage and control the validation of data points, including those more complex instruments where data promotion can only occur if underlying data dependencies have also been fulfilled

Enterprise Data Consistency

Provides a centralized, audited data warehouse capable of storing all data types, however complex. Front, middle, and back-offices all use the same data, thus reducing duplication, inconsistencies and uncontrolled data silos.

Complex Objects

Designed to manage complex objects with a high degree of business meaning such as curves, surfaces and cubes; users can work on these as whole objects in their own right or dive into complex underlying data structures as necessary.



TimeScape EDM+ effectively manages regulatory requirements through its centralized, consistent and transparent approach to data capture, management and storage. Extensive audit and reporting functionality ensures all actions are tracked and can be annotated for future reconciliation and compliance.

Data Traceability

Data traceability and transparency is ensured as all changes to data, validation rules and processes are audited, inclusive of changes to analytics and derived data.
Extensive process audit makes it easy to track backwards to discover how a gold copy data value was created i.e. what raw sources were used and what rules were applied, including any manual adjustment of data.

Data Governance

Uniquely, TimeScape EDM+ covers all data dependences and only promotes data to Gold when all data dependencies are fulfilled, even for complex objects. Rules can be configured by users, sandboxed for testing but only promoted using maker/checker functionality. Multiple departments and locations can be assigned different asset class access permissions, process timings and rule sets.



TimeScape EDM+ handles every aspect of the process from data acquisition through to automated data cleansing, data validation, analysis and distribution to downstream systems.
What sets TimeScape EDM+ apart is its ability to handle complex as well as simple data structures and crucially that it manages analytics calculations and derived data valuations within the system. Thus, derived data and complex objects can be cleansed and validated as effectively as simpler data types.

In-built connectors to third party languages and systems such as R and Matlab along with its native analytic functionality complete an unmatched feature set. No other data management solution offers the breadth, efficiency and agility of TimeScape EDM+ to deal with data in its simplest form through to complex and derived data management.

Data Acquisition

Connectors to all major data providers, (Bloomberg, Interactive Data, Markit, S&P Capital IQ, Six Financial and Thomson Reuters) are included. A wide range of other connectors are available, and an open design makes it easy to add new connections as required. All modes of data capture are supported from traditional overnight batch, to intraday, real-time snap and streaming.

Derived Data Management

Derived data can be generated, managed and validated internally using extensive, built-in analytics or by integrating with third-party products such as Numerix, FINCAD, R and Python. Spreadsheet-like data and calculations can also be incorporated into the data management process. This enables automatic enrichment of derived data sets in a controlled and centralized way.

Security Master

Security Master covering all asset classes and data types. Captures, cleanses, validates and enriches reference, derived and historic data from all available sources; stores related business objects like curves, surfaces and cubes. Standard templates are available or new classes can be added with no programming. More complex business objects can also be added reflecting a dynamic data model capable of handling any asset class, both now and in the future.

Read more about the Security Master functionality provided by TimeScape EDM+.

Gold Copy Management

Trigger gold copy creation as soon as data becomes available rather than being batched up into a single overnight process.Multiple gold copies can be managed within the system when different validation rules are required for different
data sets.

Report Management

Comprehensive reports cover information such as unvalidated data, changes in validation rules and frequency of validation test failures as well as reports on system errors. TimeScape has a powerful Excel Interface that enables business users to build spreadsheets using data consistent with all other systems. It also supports industry standard reporting and visualization tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau BI and Microstrategy BI.

Distribution / Systems Integration

In addition to ready-to-run-integration with standard datafeeds and analytic providers, TimeScape EDM+ has connectivity to an extensive list of downstream third-party systems such as Murex, Sungard Adaptiv, Calypso, Sophis and Numerix Portfolio.



TimeScape EDM+ is component based and utilizes standard enterprise products such as SQL Server, SharePoint, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). This enables it to fit into existing infrastructure, greatly simplifying the rollout process, and ensures the system can be maintained by Microsoft trained engineers already available within an organization.

Deployment options include on-premise or as a cloud-based solution. The Data Validation Portal is a browser based thin-client, simplifying end-user installs, access and permissioning.
SSIS is used extensively within the system to orchestrate the data flows and transformations that take place. One set of processes moves data within the system; another set is used for importing and exporting data and can be customized to suit the environment and feeds that reside at a client site.

Scalability and Timeliness

Real-time platform; industry standard enterprise technology delivers a fast and highly scalable solution.

Dashboard / Performance Monitor

Dashboard to view running workflows; use key performance indicators to monitor progress and manage workloads.

Standard Data and System Connections

Supported integration to major data vendors and compatibility with third-party systems such as Murex, SunGard Adaptiv, Calypso, Sophis and Numerix Portfolio.

Enterprise Development Tools

APIs, SDKs, and extensive integration with Microsoft Office mean the solution is fully documented and customizable as required.


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