Professional Services

A Dedicated and Experienced Team

Our dedicated Professional Services team comprises experienced consultants who have successfully implemented a raft of analytics and data management projects, relating to regulatory approval in Risk, decision support in the Front Office and reference data management in the Back Office.

Making Technology work for Business

The team works closely with the client to understand their business requirements and draws on the wealth of experience and knowledge of business problems faced by other Xenomorph clients and the technologies needed to deliver a successful solution.

Rapid Project Implementation

The Team's focus on rapid project implementation, combined with the flexibility and extensibility of our TimeScape software, means that a successful solution can be delivered in the short time frames that your business demands.

  • Requirements gathering and definition for analytics and data management projects
  • Advice and consultancy on the selection of data vendors and pricing models
  • Systems and datafeed integration services
  • Analytics and pricing model integration services
  • Customised analytics and GUI development
  • Project and program management services
  • Hands-on training courses and customised client workshop

Typical Client Engagement

Agreeing requirements - The Professional Services team works closely with the business and IT teams of the client to arrive at a clear joint understanding of key requirements and to implement the connectivity to data sources, pricing models and trading systems.

Typical project methodology - The methodology used can be tailored to client requirements, however typically our implementation team employ a staged process where a requirement goes through initial scoping, formal user requirement specification (URS) and functional requirements specification (FRS).

Maximising client input and control - The client is involved in each stage of the project to maximise client input and control both before and during implementation.

Experienced implementation partners - In addition, Xenomorph has a number of implementation partners that can assist in requirements gathering, project management and systems integration.

Email us to find out more about our implementation services for TimeScape.


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