Utilizing Best Practices in Data Management to Avoid Regulatory Headaches and Market Risk LossesWebinar

Data management has become a serious subject for both regulators and capital market firms as they strive to avoid another financial crisis and P&L losses. It is increasingly difficult for large firms to manage complex, multi-asset class datasets across numerous trading and risk systems while maintaining data integrity, completeness and timeliness. Organizations expect fewer people to work on more projects with tighter deadlines, while expectations for data quality remain very high. For this webinar Xenomorph teamed up with Numerix to discuss the importance of proper data management to avoid regulatory issues and P&L losses.

Data Management Review Webinar: Risk Data AnalyticsWebinar

For this webinar from Data Management Review, Xenomorph’s CEO Brian Sentance joined the debate on how data is being managed and fed into analytics to improve risk management today. The webinar explored the issues larger financial institutions are experiencing as they generate, normalize and orchestrate risk information across multiple lines of business, the success that can be achieved and the impact visualization tools and dashboards are having on risk analytics.

Reference Data Review Webinar: Enterprise Data Management – The Next GenerationWebinar

Xenomorph’s Brian Sentance joined Reference Data Review for their webinar discussing “What’s next for enterprise data management?” The panel explored technology approaches such as cloud, utility models and hybrid models, and the evolution of data, covering transaction data, regulatory data and other new trends impacting EDM.

TabbFORUM Video: The Interdependence of Data, Analytics, and VisualizationWebinar

In this video Xenomorph’s Brian Sentance discusses derived data management and BI/visualization with the TABB Group’s Paul Rowady. As firms increasingly apply analytics to massive volumes of raw data, the amount of derived data is growing exponentially, and the need to apply strict governance to this derived data is more important than ever. To satisfy regulatory demands, the full data trail – including models and calculations – needs to be auditable, remarks Brian Sentance, CEO, Xenomorph. Unfortunately, there often is a disconnect between the validation of the raw data and the governance of the middle tier of derived data or analytics, he notes. Sentance and TABB Group’s Paul Rowady, principal and director of data and analytics research, examine the breakdown of data governance best practices, the risks involved, and the role of visualization tools in identifying data quality and data management shortfalls.

Waters Webinar: Practical Strategies and the Business Benefits of Cloud-based Data Management and Private Cloud StorageWebinar

Xenomorph’s Brian Sentance participated in the latest in a series of webcasts from WatersTechnology on Tuesday 4th November 2014. Brian joined other industry figures to discuss the rapidly developing current topic of “Practical Strategies and the Business Benefits of Cloud-based Data Management and Private Cloud Storage”.


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