Mizuho Americas Deploys Xenomorph EDM+ on Microsoft AzurePress Release

NEW YORK, LONDON AND SINGAPORE: Xenomorph today announced that the securities division of Mizuho Americas, the US-based subsidiary of Mizuho Financial Group, has upgraded to the latest generation of TimeScape EDM+, Xenomorph’s enterprise data management platform running on Microsoft Azure. Mizuho Americas has been a longstanding user of Xenomorph’s TimeScape platform to normalize, enrich, validate […]

Xenomorph Launches Version 5.0 of TimeScape EDM+Press Release

Latest release offers faster and more scalable architecture, new functionality, improved GUI and data integration / distribution options.  NEW YORK AND LONDON –  Xenomorph, a provider of data management technology to banks, asset managers and insurance companies, has launched Version 5.0 of its flagship enterprise data management platform TimeScape EDM+. The new release offers a faster […]

Factsheet: TimeScape EDM+ for Independent Price Verification (IPV)Product Literature

Independent price verification (IPV) is an increasingly important process requirement to support finance and risk functions across a wide range of financial institutions. The core IPV process demands that internal prices are verified against independent third party sources.

Factsheet: TimeScape EDM+ for Prudent ValuationProduct Literature

Prudent valuation practices are becoming increasingly commonplace, prompted by edicts such as the European Union’s Capital Requirements Regulation. Rather than simply verifying the fair value of an asset (or accuracy of a model) by comparing it to an independent source, prudent valuation goes one step further and assumes the process of deriving fair value is sufficiently uncertain to warrant additional adjustments that reflect valuation risk.

Xenomorph TimeScape EDM+ Executive OverviewProduct Literature

This executive overview outlines the key data management challenges facing financial institutions, and presents the benefits of using TimeScape EDM+, Xenomorph’s Enterprise Data Management system for financial markets.

Data Management Summit (DMS) London – 15th March 2017Event

Join Xenomorph’s Brian Sentance at the Data Management Summit (DMS) London on 15th March 2017. Brian will be participating in the panel discussion: “Reviewing the regulatory landscape in volatile and uncertain times — the data management response for 2017” at 11.00.

Pay Attention to Proprietary DataPress Coverage

In an article for Inside Reference Data, Xenomorph’s Brian Sentance raises awareness about how to use derived data. FRTB and capital adequacy issues can be addressed with better understanding of proprietary or derived data. Financial institutions rely heavily on information sourced from vendors, whether that’s market or reference data. Yet their most valuable data sets tend to be those they create themselves. Proprietary or “derived” data gives these institutions an edge by providing the ability to spot mispricing of risk, capture alpha and outperform the market. Given the importance of proprietary data and analytics…

Factsheet: TimeScape EDM+ FRTB Data Management SolutionProduct Literature

The Basel Committee’s Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) will cause ‘fundamental’ changes to the industry’s market risk capital framework, and in turn, prompt a broad set of data management challenges. This factsheet outlines how TimeScape EDM+ addresses these data management challenges and describes the customer benefits from implementing our advanced enterprise data management solution.

Data Validation and Cleansing: How Do You Prioritise What To Fix First?Blog Post

Data validation and cleansing is a methodical discipline. Start with a set of rules (or tests) to identify anomalies. For example, if a data item hasn’t changed (and is possibly stale); if it has changed beyond typical norms (and is possibly an error); or if two sources differ in their value for the same item […]

Factsheet: Xenomorph TimeScape EDM+Product Literature

This factsheet gives a brief introduction to TimeScape EDM+, Xenomorph’s Enterprise Data Management system for financial markets. Available on-premise and as a cloud service it provides a centralized, consistent and auditable framework for the management and analysis of all data types, enabling reduced costs and increased data quality across the organization.


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