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Register now for the PRMIA webinar on Data Management for Market Risk, presented by Brian Sentance, CEO, Xenomorph

Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at 12pm EST

Data used in risk management is a little bit like the water we drink every day: none of us can function without it, we are not always sure where it comes from, some of us have no idea how much it really costs, we don't mind if we waste it, we don't like sharing it, and usually, we only find if it was bad for us after we have drunk it.

In this webinar, Brian will outline the issues and approaches in data management for risk, focusing on his experience with clients in market-risk related projects.

The webinar is free to PRMIA sustaining members and costs $35 USD to PRMIA contributing members.

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EVENT: Financial Markets Data and Analytics. Everywhere You Need Them
Xenomorph TimeScape, Power BI and the Microsoft Azure Cloud

8:30-11:00am Friday May 9th, 2014
Microsoft, 11 Times Square, New York.

Join Aite Group, Microsoft and Xenomorph for a breakfast briefing to review how cloud technology is changing the way financial markets data and analytics can be published, monetized, integrated and consumed.

The event will include findings from Aite Group's latest white paper and survey of how financial institutions are benefitting from the application of cloud technology.

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Join Xenomorph at the A-Team Data Management Summit and Intelligent Trading Summit, New York

Tuesday 13th May 2014 at Convene (formerly Sentry Centers), New York.

This gathering of industry professionals will focus on strategy, innovation and technology for data management, exploring high performance Enterprise Data Platforms and the various data management paradigms to implement risk and regulatory compliance. The keynote at 9am will be followed by a series of panels, including on-demand agility for trading, risk and enterprise analytics at 11.15am, closing with the Xenomorph sponsored reception at 5pm.

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Recent events

Join Xenomorph at the A-Team Data Management Summit, London

Thursday 6th March 2014, America Square Conference Centre, London.


This premier gathering of data management professionals focused on the trends and challenges surrounding strategy, innovation and technology for data management. Opening with a keynote at 9am, followed by a series of panels on key industry topics, including data management for enterprise and risk analytics at 2pm, the summit concluded with a networking reception sponsored by Xenomorph at 5.30pm.

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PRMIA Event: Big Data - What Is Its Value to Risk Management?

January 15th 2013, Harmonie Club, 4 East 60th St, New York, NY


Big Data has been the phrase of the year for technology journalists, but what actually is "Big Data"? Where did these technologies originate and how might they change financial industry risk management for the better?

As part of PRMIA's Big Data event Xenomorph CEO Brian Sentance hosted a panel discussion on the potential impact of Big Data on risk management and the finance industry in general.

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Xenomorph's Holiday Party at the Classic Car Club

December 5th 2012, Classic Car Club, 250 Hudson Street, New York


We were delighted to host our holiday party at the Classic Car Club in New York. While enjoying champagne, canapés, music and an incredible fashion show organized by Hillary Flowers, leading industry experts explored the role of data management as part of the overall risk management puzzle.

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EVENT: OIS Discounting and Curve Management

Wilmott Forum Event Hosted by Xenomorph and Numerix
New York, 31 May 2012


The credit crisis of 2007 brought the usage of LIBOR and LIBOR swap rates for discounting purposes into acute focus, as LIBOR spreads to US Treasury rates dramatically increased from the then typical levels of around 50bp to a peak of 450bp in October 2007. This has led to many practitioners to now use Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) rates as a proxy for risk-free rates in derivatives valuation.

This event discussed the use of OIS discounting and curve management in general, from the point of view of the practitioner, the financial engineer and the systems implementer.

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FUTURE CITY Panel Discussion "The Big Data Challenge"

During the recent Future City Data event in New York, Brian Sentance, CEO Xenomorph, joined a panel of industry representatives who shared their views on current and future data issues. 

Read more and view highlights from the panel discussion.

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