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Client Case Study: Hartford Investment Management Company (HIMCO)

HIMCO invests in a variety of asset classes that require a selection of input data, market data and model data. HIMCO had developed an in-house solution to manage this data through a process of data capture, viewing of the data and assessing its quality to learn whether it was fit-for-purpose. They wanted to enhance this process to include more flexible data validation and allow for a wider array of validations before data is pushed to the derivative valuation platform for scenario analysis.

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Client Case Study: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

"With the number of instruments we are managing set to increase further, Xenomorph's TimeScape provides us with a flexible, centralized data management platform. It enhances our risk and reporting processes giving us greater transparency across the different departments and higher data consistency."

Peter Westphal, Project Manager, LBBW.

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Client Case Study: Rabobank

"Over the last 2 years, the number of instruments we are managing has risen fivefold from 32,000 to over 150,000; TimeScape's data and analytics management capability mean that we have dealt with this growth successfully and are confident that the platform will support our future plans and needs."

Toon Leijtens, Market Risk, Rabobank International.

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Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS)
Client Case Study: Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS)

"TimeScape is able to handle data related to complex data structures, such as volatility surfaces for any asset class or correlation matrixes on credit spreads.
In the complex structured products area, Xenomorph have no competition."

Laurent Thuillier, Head of Pricing, Asset Servicing, SGSS.

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Insight investment
Client Case Study: Insight Investment

"Xenomorph's TimeScape is a robust and scalable OTC enabling technology; the flexible data model and subsequent data accessibility are key factors in our ability to support the use of OTC instruments."

Gareth Exell, Head of IT Strategy,
Insight Investment.

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Paineiras Investimentos
Client Case Study: Paineiras Investimentos

"Paineiras sees Xenomorph as a long term partner as TimeScape offers a multi-asset capability that covers the full range of our data management and support needs – an off-the-shelf system that has the flexibility and breadth to cope with our continuing need to innovate."

Andre Portilho, Paineiras Investimentos.

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Sigma Capital Trading

Client Case Study: Sigma Capital Trading

"We can now do in 5 minutes what used to take weeks. Every possible strategy is displayed graphically which helps us set better entry and exit points based on real historic market behaviour rather than mathematical models."

Remy Belanger, Partner, Sigma Capital Trading.

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Client Case Study: Cassovia

"Having experienced Xenomorph's TimeScape at a major global investment bank, I knew the product was impressive and could easily handle multiple asset classes and time series analysis."

Frantisek Kovac, Principal, Cassovia.

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Theoriem LLC
Client Case Study: Theoriem LLC

“There are so few technologies that can keep pace with a user’s imagination, and TimeScape from Xenomorph allows us to manage and manipulate data without limitation.”

Paul Roland, Managing Principal,
Theoriem LLC

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Client Case Study: TriCygnet

“TimeScape has enabled us to automate and streamline the data capture and storage process. We have replaced the time-consuming, manual data screening process, which involved multiple workbooks and formulae, with a single TimeScape query.
What’s more, the system is compatible with existing data sources and user applications, so we didn’t have to rip and replace technology.”

Edward Mirsepahi, CEO, TriCygnet.

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Client Case Studies

Client Case Study: Market and Curve Data Management

The client needed a high performance, flexible and automated solution to capture and manage a large amount of end-of-day market data across multiple asset classes, provided by several vendors and supplied in different formats.

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Client Case Studies

TimeScape: Attacking the Business Problem

A short paper illustrating how TimeScape has been used by Xenomorph clients to streamline and enhance their business processes, thereby freeing up time to allow them to focus on analysis and making trading decisions.

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Four-Wire Capital

Client Case Study: Four-Wire Capital

Alternative investment fund maximizes competitive advantage with data capture, management and analytics platform.

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A leading European
investment bank
Faster, Transparent VaR with Xenomorph

Data transparency and speed lead European bank to Xenomorph and intraday Value at Risk
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Xenomorph and FAME

in alliance for equity derivatives
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Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein - exotics desk

use Xenomorph systems to price deals and create correlation matrices
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Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein - risk control

use Xenomorph systems to manage complex databases and develop applications
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Polunin Capital Partners Limited - asset management

use Xenomorph systems to analyse price and fundamental data across a large number of market sectors
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