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Alternatives Need a Bigger Umbrella?

Interesting article in the FT today about why the US exodus from traditional exchanges might not be repeated here in Europe, which is contrary to the recent marketing mantra of the alternative trading venues such as Chi-X, Turquoise and Equiduct. If correct, the economics outlined in the article look justifiably prohibitive:

“Merely to break even, an alternative platform with a cost base of about €10m would need to do 100m trades a year.

Microsoft CEP Surfaces as “Orinoco”

Seems like Microsoft have now gone public on the Microsoft TechEd site that they have a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine that will be coming to market shortly (see MagmaSystems blog post ). One of my colleagues Mark Woodgate attended a briefing event at Microsoft for this technology back in February this year – here’s an extract from some internal notes that Mark made back then:

“Microsoft CEP is very similar to StreamBase conceptually (and not unsurprisingly), in the sense that there are adapters and streams and how you merge and split them via some kind of query language is the same.

Regulating OTCs Out Using Capital?

Following on from the warnings on over-regulation in my post last week on the OTC markets in London, Larry Tabb of the analyst firm the Tabb Group is pointing towards increased capital requirements as the stick the regulators will use to move the finance industry away from the perceived dangers of the OTC markets (see article here).…

Data Quality and the Future of Risk

A new survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit (sponsored by SAS) of over 300 financial institutions world-side has put data quality and availability as a key issue to be resolved if risk management is to be fit for purpose following the financial crisis:

“Culture, expertise and data are weak points in current risk management”

A summary of the survey report is available here.…

Analytics Management from Celent

A new report from the analyst firm Celent advocating enterprise transparency and consistency in the pricing of OTC derivatives and structured products – great that an analyst firm is acknowledging the need for analytics management as a complimentary discipline to the more established principles of data management.…

Technical and Human Analysis

The FT Alphaville Blog put up a post earlier this week about Bloomberg being critical (see article) of technical analysis and its ability to make money using techniques such as "Bollinger Bands". In summary Bloomberg have backtested some of the most common technical analysis strategies over recent years and found the majority of them have lost money.…

High Performance Spreadsheets

Another article about the operational risk generated by the usage of spreadsheets within the financial markets appeared in the April issue of Waters Magazine.

The articles highlights how spreadsheets are largely used within financial institutions and suggests that the current regulation requirements for more transparency and ad-hoc risk management might push the proliferation of spreadsheets even further.…

Capital requirements for Asset Managers

Article in the FT today saying that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has criticised asset managers for poor risk management, and that these failures might force it to impose higher capital requirements on some institutions.

The Investment Management Association (IMA) countered by saying that the FSA guidelines on capital requirements for asset managers were unclear, but also added that as asset managers did not hold client-owned assets on their balance sheets they did not need to hold capital against these assets unlike the banks.…