Management - Xenomorph Software Ltd

Chris Budgen
Chris Budgen,
CTA, Xenomorph Software Ltd

Chris is Chief Technical Architect for Xenomorph and one of the founder directors. Chris is responsible for technical architecture and product evangelism within Xenomorph. He works closely with clients and partners to define and implement company product and technical direction.

Prior to joining Xenomorph in 1995, Chris worked within the Equity and Interest Rate Derivatives teams at Bankers Trust implementing core front office trading and risk management systems. Before that, Chris worked at Daiwa Europe Ltd where he designed and developed bond, warrant and equity trading systems as part of the New Products Group.

In 1988, Chris graduated with First Class Honours in Physics at Imperial College, University of London. During that time, Chris was sponsored by GEC Avionics where he specialised in Laser Optics within the Applied Physics Division.

Chris is married with two children. His interests include soccer, cricket, and fishing.

Matthew Skinner
Matthew Skinner,
MD EMEA, Xenomorph Software Ltd

Matthew is MD EMEA for Xenomorph Software Limited and is a founder director of the Company. Matthew controls and monitors the financial and operational activities of Xenomorph.

Matthew joined Xenomorph in 1997 from ING Barings, where he worked in quantitative research before trading equity derivatives for ING Barings Hong Kong. Prior to this, Matthew graduated with a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, University of London, followed by three years of post-graduate study into portfolio management at the treasury of Cable and Wireless Plc.

Matthew is married with two children and lives in London. In his spare time he enjoys running, mountain biking and reading.

Management - The Americas

Brian Sentance
Brian Sentance,
CEO, Xenomorph Software Ltd

Brian is CEO of Xenomorph and one of the founder directors. Brian is responsible for setting and managing company strategy. He is keenly involved in gathering client needs within the field of analytics and data management in financial markets.

Prior to joining Xenomorph in 1995, Brian headed the pricing models development team in the equity derivatives group at JP Morgan, London. This role involved bridging the requirements of trading, quant and software development staff to deliver new financial products to market.

In 1993 Brian completed a PhD in interest rate risk optimisation at the Centre for Quantitative Finance, Imperial College, University of London. During this post-graduate study he was sponsored by British Telecom Group Treasury. Prior to this, Brian was sponsored by GEC Marconi during his M.Eng in Electronic Engineering.

Brian is married with two children. His interests include cycling, tennis and reading.

Mark Woodgate
Mark Woodgate,
Consultancy Director, Xenomorph Software Inc

Mark is Consultancy Director for Xenomorph Software Incorporated. Mark specialises in managing customer implementation projects and co-ordinates Xenomorph’s partner activities in the Americas.

Mark is one of the founder directors of the Company and was originally involved in product development as Assistant Technical Director when Xenomorph was formed in 1995. Prior to joining Xenomorph, Mark worked for Logica plc, working on a variety of large, database-related IT projects for the British Government and the Security Services.

In 1988, Mark graduated with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, University of London. During that time, Mark was sponsored by GEC Avionics where he worked on Radar, Missile and Airborne Early Warning systems.

Mark lives in New York city. His interests include soccer, rugby, snowboarding, hiking and jogging.

Naj Alavi
Naj Alavi ,
Managing Director,
Xenomorph Software Inc

Naj is Managing Director of Xenomorph Software Incorporated; responsible for managing Xenomorph's operations in The Americas.

Naj joined Xenomorph in 2001 to head up the European Account Management team. He was then made responsible for Sales in The Americas before his promotion to Managing Director of Xenomorph Software Inc. Prior to Xenomorph, Naj worked for CMG Logica, Xansa and First Direct in sales, business development and technical roles.

In 1995, Naj graduated with Honours in Applied Software Engineering from Birmingham City University. During that time, Naj was sponsored by a leading Asian textile mill to develop and implement a new payroll system.

Naj lives in New York City. His interests include traveling, soccer, cooking and the theatre. He is an avid artist and talented clothes designer with a passion for fast cars.

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