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What does Xenomorph do?
Xenomorph is the leading provider of analytics and data management solutions to the financial markets.
When was Xenomorph founded?
Xenomorph was founded in 1995 and we are proud to have been serving our clients in financial markets for over 20 years.


Who are your clients?
Our solutions are used by Investment banks, Asset managers, Hedge funds and other financial institutions world-wide. More information can be found at www.xenomorph.com/clients
How is the system used by your clients?

In addition to solving the need for centralised, high quality management of data and analytics, our solutions are often used in the areas of:

  • Data Management for Risk - capturing, storing, validating and distributing static, market and derived data for use in risk management processes in order to improve data quality, reduce operational risk and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Derivatives Data and Valuation Management - linking together cleansed and validated data and pricing models to manage derivatives, OTC and structured products valuation in a controlled systems environment that will scale with the needs of the business.
  • Decision Support – high performance scanning markets and large datasets for trading opportunities in the area of both statistical analysis and capital structure arbitrage.
Who are the main users of your software?
Data managers, IT, risk and trading staff within data management departments, data support for risk, IT and any department that is managing complex or high volume data. Our solutions are used from front to back office given their open nature and the easy way data can be accessed by all users.


What is the name of your system?
Xenomorph's analytics and data management solution is called TimeScape - so-called because it presents a unique and clear view on data throughout history.
Is your solution a data management system?
Yes. TimeScape is typically used in the context of centralised data management to create a "Golden Copy" of key instrument, entity, market and derived data for distribution to downstream systems. Improved data quality, consistency and transparency leads to greater processing efficiency, reduced data costs and less operational risk for our clients.
How does analytics management fit with the need for centralised data management?
Centralised, high quality data management is an essential foundation for any financial markets institution. In our view, this principal of centralised and transparent management of data also needs to be extended to the management of pricing models, yield curve calculators and statistical analytics. Often the most important data of all is the result from a calculation or valuation, so in order to deliver the complete solution it is vital to take as much care over this type of derived data as much as dealing with simpler reference data.
What's your SpreadSheet Inside technology all about?
SpreadSheet Inside is our unique "spreadsheet meets database" technology that allows spreadsheet-like calculations and reports to be defined within the TimeScape data model. This means that calculations that ordinarily would be hosted in spreadsheets can be centralised and brought closer to the data they need, increasing transparency and decreasing operational risk.
Why does your data management solution deal with spreadsheet data?
Centralised data management has many benefits for any financial institution such as increased efficiency, lower cost and greater data transparency. But if business users find that they cannot fit their data needs into “core” data management systems they often revert to using ad-hoc spreadsheets for managing their data. A key aspect of TimeScape is that it has the flexibility to deal with more complex data that otherwise would have to be managed in spreadsheets, which enables our clients to deliver a more complete data management solution for all data types across all types of users.
Which asset classes do you support?
TimeScape is completely multi-asset capable with template data models for over 130 different kinds of asset.
Can I add new asset classes and fields easily?
Yes, a key benefit of TimeScape is the flexibility of its data model and its resulting ability to be customised by the client. You will be able to support a new asset class the same day that you need it without requirement consultancy or system customisation.
How do you control access to data within the system?
TimeScape comes with a powerful data security model that allows data to be permissioned on a fine-grained basis. Our clients are in complete control of which staff and departments have the power to add and customise new fields and instruments.
Can we use our in-house analytics with TimeScape?
Yes. TimeScape has a variety of Software Development Kits that allow in-house and third party models to be integrated with the system. You can even have more that one pricing model configured to price a single asset class.
Could I access TimeScape analytics and data in Excel?
Yes. Our Excel interface has around 400 functions covering the whole of the system. These allow the Excel user to build very powerful data analysis tools that scale since they are based on calculations and data that occur within TimeScape, not within the spreadsheet.
Can I access TimeScape analytics and data programmatically too?
Of course. All functionality is available inside our Excel interface but also in .NET/SOAP/VB/Java and other programming APIs.
Is there a GUI for TimeScape?
Yes, the TimeScape Workbench, a Windows application containing component applications for data administration, capture, cleansing, viewing and analysis.
Do you provide thin-client access to TimeScape?
Yes. Xenomorph provides the TimeScape Portal which is a web application that allows data to be viewed and edited within TimeScape as an alternative to the Workbench. For customised access, TimeScape's SOAP API can be used to integrated TimeScape functionality and data with your existing web applications and services.


Do you provide data for your system?
No, rather our TimeScape system is used to capture and aggregate multiple sources of data such as those from major data vendors such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Markit etc and also from niche vendors such as TenFore, Optionmetrics and others.
Can the system store multiple sources of data?
Yes. TimeScape can store multiple sources of data side by side for the same data attribute, enabling easy comparison, improved data quality and data coverage. The system has also been designed to support multiple IDs for the same instrument.
What kinds of data do you support?
All kinds of data including security identifiers, instrument terms and conditions data, entity data, end of day market data, intraday and real-time data, plus derived data such as curves, surfaces and derivative valuations.
Given current pressure to achieve clearer and more transparent risk management, it is vital that business users have easy access to all the data they need regardless of type, data volume or complexity.
What data providers do you already support?
TimeScape has standard interfaces to the major data vendors such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Markit etc. and we also cover many of the small niche vendors such as OptionMetrics and Tenfore. In addition, our clients are also able to integrate their own choice of datafeeds using our fully documented software development kits.
Read more about Xenomorph's data partners.
How long does a new data feed take to integrate?
Typically from a week to one man-month, depending on whether integration with TimeScape is configuration of our file importer or whether it involves the creation of a full interactive driver connection to a data vendor API.
What analytics vendors do you support?
We have integrated pricing models from likes of Numerix and Monis alongside of some our own basic pricing calculators. On the statistical modelling front it is easy to extend our query language to include your own models and calculators.


What database technology do you use?
TimeScape has a database engine called TimeScape XDB that is based around proprietary vector database technology. This vector database is able to handle large volumes of market data with much higher levels of performance than with traditional relational database implementations. For example, for one client a historic VaR calculation was speeded up from 16 hours using a traditional database implementation to 1 hour using TimeScape XDB.
How does your database offer higher performance levels?
Specific types of data such as timeseries can be accessed much quicker if they are arranged in a specialised way rather than in a typical row-based relational configuration.
What the biggest database the system has being tested with?
The largest database used with the system so far was around 12TB in size containing over 500 billion price records.
Can I use a standard database engine like Microsoft SQL Server?
Yes you can. Proprietary vector databases are often great for performance but sometimes lack many of the database management tools that IT departments know and expect from standard database products. In order to bridge this industry gap, Xenomorph has worked closely with Microsoft to host our XDB vector engine inside of Microsoft SQL Server. TimeScape can also be connected to other databases, ( e.g Oracle, Sybase,FAME), if required.
What about my existing databases, do I have to stop using them if I use TimeScape?
No, TimeScape has a Data SDK that allows TimeScape to sit directly on top of your existing database infrastructure without copying data into TimeScape. This can help to achieve "virtual integration" of multiple databases or leverage legacy systems as part of a migration strategy.


How long does the system take to implement?
For a larger financial institution, TimeScape typically takes 3 to 6 months to implement dependent upon the number of data feeds and existing systems connecting to it.
Do you have a dedicated implementation team?
Yes, our professional services team is made up of experienced consultants who have worked on a variety of data management projects, relating to regulatory approval in risk, decision support in the front office and reference data management in the back office.
Do you have implementation partners?
Yes. We have a number of major systems integrators as proven partners, see the partners section of our website for more detail.
Do you provide any training courses on your systems?
The TimeScape Training Program has a number of training modules covering all aspects of system usage and configuration. These can be delivered on-site or at our offices.
What support services are available?
We have a dedicated support team that can offer levels of service that are specific to each client’s needs.

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