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  • Mizuho Americas Deploys EDM+ on Azure

    Mizuho Americas has deployed Xenomorph EDM+ on Microsoft Azure for a future-proof data management platform that can meet its evolving requirements.


  • Xenomorph Integrates with MongoDB

    Xenomorph has integrated its TimeScape EDM+ enterprise data management solution with MongoDB, the NoSQL document database. The integration means users can now access data stored in MongoDB through any of the application and programming interfaces to TimeScape EDM+.


Introducing TimeScape EDM+

The foundation for your decisions
TimeScape EDM+ is Xenomorph’s Enterprise Data Management system for financial markets.

With regulation such as BCBS 239 setting the standard for financial markets data management, Xenomorph’s clients are using our TimeScape EDM+ solution to reduce data costs, increase operational efficiency, improve risk management and adapt to new regulatory requirements.

TimeScape EDM+ manages the complete lifecycle of data across data integration, derivation, storage, cleansing, validation, audit, analysis and distribution.

With options to deploy TimeScape EDM+ on premise or consume it as a cloud-based data management service you can choose how best to manage all your data.

Data management for the whole enterprise

Front Office

Xenomorph believes EDM needs to support the whole enterprise. That’s why we developed TimeScape EDM+ to be business-ready – with an open architecture to ensure front office professionals always have access to clean, enriched data and analytics; delivered via their choice of interface.

Risk Managers

Having access to clean, validated data is absolutely essential for risk managers. TimeScape EDM+ addresses the data management challenges of market and credit risk professionals, and helps operational risk managers tackle un-managed use of spreadsheets across their organisations.

IT Managers

TimeScape EDM+ integrates data from any number of 3rd party and proprietary sources; analyses that data using a common query language that recognises business logic and semantics; and ensures validated, cleansed data easily flows into downstream applications and models.

Data Managers

TimeScape EDM+ comes equipped with a full range of workflow tools for integrating, validating, cleansing, enriching, deriving and distributing data. The platform offers complete coverage of all asset classes, objects (curves, surfaces and cubes) and data types – including reference, real-time and historical data.


TimeScape EDM+ is built on an agile, collaborative architecture that understands business semantics and logic. This makes it easier to accommodate new business requirements or regulatory-driven changes, like IFRS 9 and FRTB, which are driving closer collaboration between finance and risk teams.


Enterprise Data Management should promote confidence in a firm’s data assets by applying a consistent approach to data quality. But to achieve that goal, EDM teams need to service all of their stakeholders’ requirements – from the front to the back-office. TimeScape EDM+ enables them to do that.

Data is Decisions

Why better data management supports better decision-making across the enterprise.

Used by some of the biggest names

Xenomorph News and Articles

Insight and news from the Xenomorph team
White Paper

Regulations such as BCBS 239 are forcing changes in the usage and governance of spreadsheets and other end-user computing (EUC) applications in financial markets. This paper outlines the main risks in spreadsheet usage in derivative and fixed income valuation, and explains some of the regulators motivations in addressing this source of operational risk.

Case Study

At LBBW, centralizing market data processes and market data management was becoming a more important issue to the whole bank. With the number of instruments that the bank was managing set to increase further, TimeScape EDM+ provided a flexible, centralized data management platform.

Case Study

HIMCO wanted to enhance its in-house data management processes to include more flexible validation rules and allow for a wider array of validation checks before publishing data to its derivatives valuation platform for scenario analysis.

What customers are saying about Xenomorph

“Xenomorph’s TimeScape is a robust and scalable OTC enabling technology; the flexible data model and subsequent data accessibility are key factors in our ability to support the use of OTC instruments.”

Gareth Exell, Head of IT Strategy 
Insight Investment

“We needed a data management solution which was capable of handling large data volumes and could scale with our business needs. With the number of instruments we are managing set to increase further, Xenomorph’s TimeScape provides us with a flexible, centralized data management platform.”

Peter Westhphal, Project Manager
Risk Control Team, LBBW

“TimeScape is able to handle data related to complex data structures, such as volatility surfaces for any asset class or correlation matrixes on credit spreads. In the complex structured products area, Xenomorph have no competition”

Laurent Thuillier, Head of Pricing,
Asset Servicing, SGSS

“The flexibility of the TimeScape data model combined with the instinctive GUIs enable us to quickly customise the system to our exact requirements. It means that we can add new fields and instrument types in a timeframe that keeps up with the changing demands of our internal clients.”

Edo van Bruggen, Market data team,
Rabobank International

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